About Me

My name is Pedro Azeredo Paixão and I’m a Software Engineer and an Entrepreneur.

I always liked technology and I got a PC at a very early age. Since that moment I became addicted to computers. In my parents place the computer usage time was completly manipulated by me.

I am currently a Partner Engineer at Facebook.

I worked as a lead mobile software engineer at Infraspeak, and briefly worked at Prozis as a Senior Android Engineer. On the way I co-founded SIMI and LeanHub. In both SIMI and LeanHub I helped conceive, develop and implement the business as well as the product. Previously I did research work focused on text mining at SAPO Labs. Some projects in which I contributed: Verbetes and SemanticLists are still available online at SAPO. Of my earlier work I give focus to OntoExtract which gave origin to a book (available at Amazon).

Of my hobbies I’d say music related ones are favored. I play violin since I was 3 years old. I quite enjoy spending time with friends and take my part in a jam session.

You can check my resume here.