About Me

My name is Pedro Azeredo Paixão and I’m a Software Engineer and an Entrepreneur.

I always liked technology and I got a PC at a very early age. Since that moment I became addicted to computers. In my parents place the computer usage time was completly manipulated by me.

I am currently a Partner Engineer at Facebook.

I worked as a lead mobile software engineer at Infraspeak, and briefly worked at Prozis as a Senior Android Engineer. On the way I co-founded SIMI and LeanHub. In both SIMI and LeanHub I helped conceive, develop and implement the business as well as the product. Previously I did research work focused on text mining at SAPO Labs. Some projects in which I contributed: Verbetes and SemanticLists are still available online at SAPO. Of my earlier work I give focus to OntoExtract which gave origin to a book (available at Amazon).

Of my hobbies I’d say music related ones are favored. I play violin since I was 3 years old. I quite enjoy spending time with friends and take my part in a jam session.

You can check my resume here.

Check out my app

I have built an application to present myself. It was used to join the Sandbox Network (Formerly called Thousand Network).

You can download the apk here, and see the source code here.

Alternatively you can watch the following video where I go through the app with a nice background music.

A simple app where I present myself in a different way