About Me

I’m an Engineering Leader and Senior Engineering Manager with more than 12+ years of international experience in companies such as Meta, Prozis or Infraspeak specializing in Ads, Enterprise, & B2B products.

Skilled in leading high-performance teams and solving complex problems with a strong product-building mindset. Acting as a bridge between functions to ensure alignment with company goals.

I’m extremely passionate about the problems I tackle. This has helped me motivate my teams and drive many initiatives to completion and even start 2 companies of my own.

I’m keen on embracing ambiguous problem spaces, leading with strong problem-solving and technical skills and contributing to the vision for solutions or products to tackle them. I bring a combination of strategic vision with a strong bias towards action (“do-it” attitude).

My unique background as an entrepreneur makes me a rare combination of a technical person with a strong product building mindset and business acumen.

I’m used to being the decision-maker when needed but adept of an horizontal management style. I like working in companies where leadership is servant and humble and people own the scope of their work (ownership mentality). My management style is based in coaching and mentoring my reports. I strive in environments that are fast paced with a strong feedback culture.

Highlights of my expertise:

Of my hobbies I’d say music related ones are favored. But here is a list (in no particular order of preference):

You can check my resume here. And read more about me on my LinkedIn.